Program & Activities

Planning for Westercon 69 programming is well under way. In addition to special panels and events featuring our guests of honor, Westercon 69 will meet all the traditional expectations of gaming, dealers room, art show, and Masquerade costume contest. Other special activities in the works are concerts, children’s programming, guided tours of Portland, and much, much more.

About the Westercon 69 theme "Bridging Science and Imagination"
The theme for Westercon 69 is “bridging science and imagination.” With a heavy influence of science being a goal for Westercon 69, it is also very relevant to look at the imagination that inspires science. For decades, sci-fi authors have been a major influence in what technologies are sought out in the lab. Our imaginations dream of the impossible and our application of science helps to make those dreams a reality. Equally, the more we understand of science’s complexities, the deeper we can delve into science fiction and fuel our imaginations.  

Stephen Hawking writes in the forward to Lawrence Krauss’ 1995 classic “The Physics of Star Trek”:

“Science fiction [...] is not only good fun but it also serves a serious purpose, that of expanding the human imagination. We may not yet be able to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before, but at least we can do it in the mind.[…] There is a two-way trade between science fiction and science. Science fiction suggests ideas that scientists incorporate into their theories, but sometimes science turns up notions that are stranger than any science fiction.”